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Lustig & Associates - Business Representation


Business Entity Formation

We regularly form new corporations and limited liability companies for our clients in the Midwest on a same day basis at no extra charge. This means that your new business can be up an running in 24 hours with all the necessary formalities being taken care of by us. You will be able to open a bank account, hire personnel, advertise and conduct business immediately.

Business Purchases and Sales

Lustig & Associates, Business Representation

We are also highly skilled at handling the purchase or sale of our clients business interests, including stock purchases, asset purchases and corporate mergers. We participate in the negotiations of the terms and conditions of the transaction and then memorialize the agreements reached by the parties in a contract. Once the contract has been signed and the deal formalized, we work closely with our clients and their advisors to conduct or comply with due diligence required by the contract documents. Once the due diligence process has been completed, we handle the closing of the transaction and the formal transfer of the business interest.

Internal Ownership Issues

Every non-public business with more than one owner faces issues from time to time related to ownership of the business, shareholder disputes, retirement, sale of the business, disability of a partner, rights of first refusal, shareholder responsibilities, etc. We have vast experience in guiding our clients through this complicated area and advising them on the many ways of accomplishing their objectives.

Employment Matters

We routinely advise our clients on employment matters including hiring and termination. We can help you navigate the minefield of laws and regulations regarding independent contractors, non-competition, non-solicitation, non-disclosure and trade secrets.

When the time comes to terminate an employee, we are skilled at preparing severance or termination agreements and advising our clients through the myriad laws impacting the employment relationship.

Internal Business Matters

We regularly prepare shareholder agreements between shareholders of corporations and operating agreements between members of LLC’s. These documents impose rights, obligations and restrictions upon the individuals and the business entities. These types of agreements frequently determine the outcome in the event of death, disability, termination of employment, trademark, or the sale of an individuals interest in the business.

Asset Protection Planning

Once the wolf has knocked your door, it is usually too late to rearrange your assets and liabilities to be most advantageous to you. That is where advanced asset protection planning comes in. It is perfectly lawful to title your assets and limit your personal liability while you are solvent and there is no threatened or actual litigation. With proper advice, our clients can preserve the wealth they worked so hard to create.


We are highly skilled in the art of negotiation and mediation. Whether you need a professional negotiator to represent your interests in a contract negotiation, lease negotiations, settlement negotiations, mediation of litigation, governmental negotiations, alternative dispute resolution, or internal business disputes, consider our team of experienced professional negotiators to protect your interests.


Lustig & Associates provides outside general counsel services to start-up and small to medium size businesses in Illinois. Most of our clients can’t afford to hire a full time in-house lawyer, so we give them the edge of having a business law firm on-call without the expense of having a full-time attorney on staff. Be sure to ask about having a lawyer on-call for your business.


All business entities in Illinois are required by law to designate a resident of the State of Illinois to act as the official registered agent of the business to receive service of process and other official papers. More often than not, our business clients request that we act as their registered agent in the State of Illinois. We have developed special systems and procedures for handling this responsibility and to maintain the requisite documentation to maintain the business in good legal standing.


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